Sunday, December 04, 2005

How Big is Craigslist?

This has nothing to do with real estate but I thought you might find it of interest.

The following information was obtained by Adam Lashinsky, Fortune Magazine senior writer.
The highlights of the article are as follows:

"Craigslist's numbers are mindboggling. Ten million Craigslist users click on an estimated 6.5 million classified postings each month at 190 local sites in 35 countries, generating three billion page views."

"Craigslist is also mind-bogglingly small. It has just 18 employees and no sales marketing departments..........."

"The privately held company currently makes all its money--2005 revenues are in the neighborhoods of $20 million--by charging employers in three cities for listing jobs.........."

"Total annual expenses--salaries, rent and about 100 server computers--cannot possibly run more then $5 million."

"In San Francisco, for example, Classified Intelligence Report, an industry newsletter, found that the major newspaper lost more then $50 million in classified revenue in 2004 because of the Craigslist effect."


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"Give the people what they want"
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"let em eat spam"
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