Saturday, December 03, 2005

Real Estate Trivia

Here is some fun trivia questions for you.

Question. What building has the largest windows in the world?

Answer. The Palace of Industry and Technology in Paris, France has three matching windows, each 715 feet high and comprised of multiple panes of glass.

Question. Who is the world's largest landowner?

Answer. The United States goverment, with holdings of 728.8 million acres of land.


Question. What private residence is considered the most expensive house ever built?

Answer. The William Randolph Hearst Ranch in San Simeon, California cost over $30 million, equivalent today to $277,883,320. Bill Gates recently built a home for over $40 million.


Question. What land did the U.S. Goverment buy for $7.2 million?

Answer. The U.S. bought Alaska from the Russian Czar in March 1867.


Question. Whose mansion sold for about $2 million after just one day on the market?

Answer. Soon after the death of George Burns his home was put on the market; the home sold in 24 hours.


Question. How much does a celebrity's name boost the price of a property?

Answer. Typically no more than 5%, but there are exceptions--the greater the fame, the higher the price.


Question. What is the most expensive piece of property ever recorded in the world?

Answer. In October 1988, the Mediya Building in central Tokyo was qouted at 358.5 million yen in American currency it equals $248,000 per square foot.


Question. What house in America is considered to be the first house with running water?

Answer. John Heady's home built in Newport, RI in 1723, was equipped with an underground pipe from the nearby spring.


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