Friday, February 10, 2006

Is the Boston Waterfront Condo Market Sinking?

These are not good times for those trying to sell their luxury Boston waterfront condominium. Based on data obtained from LINK the average day's on the market (DOM) for a Boston luxury waterfront condo is 194 days over 6 months. Below are some of the most prestigious waterfront buildings which brokers/owners are having trouble selling their condos. The stats are obtained from LINK, based on the average length of time to sell a condo in a particular luxury building.

Lincoln Wharf - 119 day's on the market
Harbor Towers Two - 124 day's on the market
Burrough Wharf - 137 day's on the market
Lewis Wharf - 143 day's on the market
Harbor Towers One - 180 day's on the market
Constellation Wharf - 181 day's on the market
Folio - 212 day's on the market
500 Atlantic Avenue - 237 day's on the market
Battery Wharf - 358 day's on the market


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