Thursday, March 02, 2006

Boston Condominium Market Stats

The following information was obtained by LINK regarding the amount of condos (condos only) that are available on the market:

Back Bay - 257 - DOM (days on the market) 120
Beacon Hill - 108 - DOM 124
Fenway - 45- DOM 110
Leather District - 40 - DOM 139
Midtown - 50 - DOM 166
North End- 72 -DOM 110
S. Boston - 262 - DOM 129
S. End - 286 - DOM 121
Waterfront - 107 Listings DOM 174


Blogger Mark Argentino said...

Wow, I looked at your site and your stats, you are correct, 110 to 174 days on the market would be a killer for us here in the Toronto area. We are starting to feel a slowdown and our days on market has increased slightly to about 40 days.

Your website and blog are so professional looking.

All the best,
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Thank you and all the best,

8:41 PM  
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