Monday, April 10, 2006

Boston Condo Market - Updated 1Q

The Boston real estate 1Q sales report is in and the sales data is a lot stronger then we had first anticipated. In the Boston condo market from the range of $500,000 and under there were 391 sales in downtown Boston this quarter compared to 399 at the end of the 1st Q of 2005.

The million dollar plus condo market didn't fair as well as the number of condo sales plummeted from 85 in the 1st Q of 2005 to 67 this quarter.


Blogger said... integrates how much homes SOLD for in Boston MA as well as nationwide using the google mapping technology. If you don't see data for your area simply email with your zipcode and or address and they'll update the site and email you within a few days.

11:24 AM  
Blogger DT said...

How about sales between $500K and $1 million?

6:45 AM  

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